Hands of Peace

This is a Motion of Life I would love to

see evolve…

I became aware of this spark when I saw a late night documentary on Abe Nathan. A Soul raised in Cultural Diversity, whose Conciousness evolved to be an Inspiration and a Lightouse for all who wished for a world they would have joy raising their Children in! Mother taught me a great awareness for Hands… I could tell what kind of person I was dealing with by watching someone‘s Hands… hands which were rough, from hard work, but gentle and giving… hands which were old, wrinkled, shaky, but loving and soft… hands whose fingers were hard, but capable of fixing and building… Still to today, there remains a very deep affection for those hands in my Hearts‘ Memories, which cared for us as children. They formed my Life, and I am evidence of their care. 

Hands of Peace

Inspired by Abe Nathan, and

dedicated to the millions of Souls

who have longed begged, prayed

and wished for Peace on this

amazing Jewel, some call Mother


Deeper INSPIRATION & INSIGHT into Love The Voice of Peace in the Mediterranean Stimme des Friedens
Is it not amazing what we are able to do with our HANDS? Is it not a crime that we are not more aware of our true HUman Potential? The Consciousness of Tara has made me even more aware of how  I SENSE, TOUCH and FEEL with my Hands… The EYE is the Symbol of Conscious Touch… The HANDS OF PEACE are to me symbol of UNITY and TOUCH CULTURE… reach out and TOUCH with RESPECT and gentle, authentic KINDNESS, enrichen, stroke, share, plant and GIVE back.
The HANDS OF PEACE are dedicated Mother Earth & Pistis Sophia…