A growing Awareness…

These works are inspired by Love, and whatever that may mean to the  individual. Each Human Being has a different perception on Love.. on recognising another Soul… on consciously developing its own perception of Empathy… This is a dedication to all the wonderful Cats & Dogs I have had the privilege of sharing a part of my Life with!
Rambo, an African Farmcat Angel Germany 2016 Ceramic Height: 15cm
Caoimhe - pronounced - Kee-va - beautiful, gentle, kind Germany 2016 Ceramic Height: 16,5cm Private collection Germany
Bobby the Angel Cat (Bright) Germany 2016 Ceramic Height : 14cm 30 Euros (Sadly, too late, Bobby realised the eternal consequences of catching too many birds… Karma punished him by only giving him one wing!)
Samantha the Angel Cat Germany 2016 Ceramic Heigh: 15,5cm Private Collection USA
Kazuki the Angel Cat (Peaceful) Germany 2016 Ceramic Height: 15cm 40Euros
Hilde, the Angel Dog (Loving & domestic. Love tranquility & comfort) Germany 2016 Ceramic Height: 19cm Private Collection Germany
Alfred the Angel Dog Germany 2016 Ceramic Height - 25cm Private Collection, Germany
Beatrix the Rabbit Angel  (Beatrix means - traveler & blessed) Ceramic Angel Height - 13cm Private Collection Germany
Munga Germany 2017 Ceramic Height - 17cm 50Euros
Yvette Germany 2017 Ceramic Height - 13cm Private Collection  Germany
Wolbert Germany 2017 Ceramic Height - 19cm 55 Euros
Samu, the Angel Dog (Samu is Hungarian for God has seen) Germany 2016 Ceramic Angel Height - 19cm Private Collection, Germany
Mavis & Maude Germany 2019 Ceramic Height - 22-23cm 160Euros