2015 Queen of Heaven I created this Art Peace and had no idea what I had just „conjured up…“ I had only heard of The Queen of the Night in Mozart‘s Zauberflöte. This Art Peace was an important part of a larger puzzle I had no idea I was exploring! I was confused and asked the „Source of Inspiration“ from whence it came, to send me more information on what I had connected to… a few days later, a friend popped past and gave me a book titled, WHEN GOD WAS A WOMAN… Queen of Heaven was perhaps a myth many thousands of years ago, when matrilineal/matrichial rule was a Culture of sustainable Life… The original symbolism of a fish would definately surprise many people…  May I suggest you explore the research of Merlin Stone and her fascinating colleagues?

The Sacred & Divine Feminine

1998 Portrait of Sara Private Collection South Africa
2015 Mother Sight Made in Germany Ceramics & Wood Height: 38cm Private Collection, Germany
Our Grandfather came from the „Einstein Generation“, and he had an overwhelming respect for Life in all shapes and sizes.  As Einstein once said, There are two ways to live your Life:  One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.“ Growing up in Africa was a privilige and an enrichening experience… the diversity of people, the land which claims you, the soil that bleeds… The incredible trees, who stand in unbearable heat and yet manage to grow and give shade and Life. The diversity of living beings such as the fragile glass-eyed bird, compared to the magnificent and powerful matriachal elephant herd… I was incredibly blessed to have so many strong women around me, and even more so, some real men who could appreciate them. However, the world I witnessed was not perfect. There were/are more men who are unable to appreciate the Significance of the Feminine, and, sadly, there are too many women, who look upon it as weakness, and not Power. These are men who have forgotten the Sanctuary of Balance and the Sacred Masculine role we should be evolving into… „If we do not honour our past wo lose our future if we destroy our roots we cannot grow.“ Freidensreich Hundertwasser This is an Ode to Life - Life nurtured, saved, adored, relished, Life loved… Life born by the Sacred, Devine Feminine… I was raised to believe or see Earth as a Living Being, as Mother Earth. Our Mother instilled this deep awe & respect for Mother Earth in my Brother & I. A copy of Chief Seattle‘s Treaty Oration hung in our home… A great rolemodel taught me that we, as Creators or potters, should respect our materials/Sources. Respect the sacred clay, for it is Mother Eart‘s flesh. Each time we burn clay into a shape we made, it will forever be unable to grow a living Being. No seed can sprout from crushed burned clay. The Earth lives. Take nothing for granted!
2015 Earth Spirit Study
2015 Ode to the South African Lowfeld Chestnut Tree After returning from an August spent in South Africa on our Mother‘s Farm, I was deeply inspired to create this Spirit. I had spent many days admiring the Being of the Kastaaiing Boom, and the inspiration filled my intiution. Made in Germany Ceranics Height - 50cm 350
2015 Romanian Earth Goddess is another tribute to the Mother Goddess, she who was loved, respected and worshiped all over her Being for thousands of years! Life is not possible, without her.
2015 Celtic Tree Spirit Made in Germany Ceramics  Height: 34cm 450 €
Voice of the Goddess: Marija Gimbutas
The National FILM BOARD of CANADA presents: GODDESS REMEMBERED This documentary is a salute to 35,000 years of the goddess-worshipping religions of the ancient past. The film features Merlin Stone, Carol Christ, Luisah Teish and Jean Bolen, all of whom link the loss of goddess-centric societies with today's environmental crisis. This is the first part of a 3-part series that includes The Burning Times and Full Circle. Directed by Donna Read - 1989
The Goddess In Art is a cable TV series that began in 1986 and  ran until 1991. Dedicated to the Return of the Goddess, the series explored the legacy of this oldest tradition in art as well as feminist spirituality in contemporary art. The moderator, Starr Goode, interviewed scholars to  uncover Her suppressed history and artists who were inspired by a radical re-imagining of the feminine. One of the greatest scholars of the twentieth century, Marija Gimbutas through her work as an archeologist uncovered the symbolic language of the Goddess and provided a foundation for feminist spirituality. A conversation about the Neolithic Bird and Snake Goddesses and the egalitarian civilization of Old Europe. Links: Marija Gimbutas,  Starr Goode, MA, is a poet and a writer and teaches literature at Santa Monica College.
Documentary describing the life of the late Irish druid, Ben McBrady. Ben McBrady, known as Brady of the Name and Herenach of the Two Kilmores, was Aircinneac and Herenach of a pre-Druid Megalithic Order called “The Old Gaelic Order,” often referred to simply as “The Order.” Ben McBrady is believed to have been the last member of “The Old Gaelic Order.” Because of this he was called “The Last Druid.” He passed away in January of 1996. Ben McBrady was a descendant of Lugar MacLugair (Lughaid mac Loeguire), who was Chief Druid of Ireland and Druid to the High King Leary and the Kings of Leinster. Lugar MacLugair was also believed to have been a member of “The Old Gaelic Order.”     Produced by Testbeeld and Directed by Jan Dewinter.
„Bastet is the Egyptian goddess of the home, domesticity, women's secrets, cats, fertility, and childbirth. She protected the home from evil spirits and disease, especially diseases associated with women and children. As with many Egyptian deities, she also played a role in the afterlife as a guide and helper to the dead although this was not one of her primary duties. She was the daughter of the sun god Ra and is associated with the concept of the Eye of Ra (the all-seeing eye) and the Distant Goddess (a female deity who leaves Ra and returns to bring transfromation).“ Source: https://www.ancient.eu/Bastet/
2019 Bastet Made in Germany Ceramics  Height: 75cm 1200 €
2019 Oaktree Spirit Being Made in Germany Ceramics  Height: 70cm 950 €
2021 Gaia Sophia Started around 2005, I forgot all about this canvas… Originally I had intended to do a kind of Klimt-ish experiment…but unable to find the original photo, I decided to follow my intuition again… I always feel guided, asif I am blessed enough to be able to „tap into“ an ancient source of forgotten knowledge… Made in Germany Oil on Canvas Height: 150cm Breadth: 106cm 2800
2021 Tree of Life Inspired by an old book I found at the library… An old travel book of India, showing this beautiful artwork  at a train station in India… It has become more for me: The Mind, The Neural System - how everything is connected! HOW NATURE is CONNECTED, sacredly, intimately, bonded and connected! Made in Germany Acrylic on Canvas board Height: 128cm Breadth: 96cm 2200 €
Sophia Creation Story, Animation Produced and written by Lila Tresemer; Based on the Gnostic texts, with support from the research of John L Lash, (Copyright Lila Tresemer) this is a personalized version of the Creation Story through the Divine Feminine perspective. For more detail regarding Sophia Lineage and group processes around Sacred Earth Activism:  TheStarHouse.org
This is the best in depth overview of the archetypal story of the Feminine Divine as revealed to and through Leigh J McCloskey's art, deep wisdom, and storytelling. … Great Mother, Sophia, the hidden and veiled goddess within woman Lilith, and her relationship to Eve, the Mother of Generation and womanhood.   Take an imaginative journey with Leigh J. McCloskey as he retells the story of Genesis through art and creation reminding us that we are returning home after a very long journey across vast ages and that humankind and all of creation is a work of art and a thing of beauty and meaning. https://www.leighmccloskey.com/  

The Goal of these Artworks, are meant to

stimulate reflection, the Sacred Feminine,

as well as Mother Earth‘s Identity,

which is so closely linked to our own!

We are made of her flesh . . .

If she flourishes, we flourish.

In my teens I started developing a deep love for the feminine shape. Perhaps it came from watching the women around me, their struggle, their suffering. So gentle, yet so strong. This was the beginning of my journey…
1990 Sacred Feminine Studies
Made in Germany Ceramics & Wood Height: 37cm 350
Did we ever imagine to live in a time, where ephemeral politics dominated ancient instincts, and being born a Woman, made a Mother, by the grace of Nature, would seem something to be ashamed of? Where a small group of life-disrespecting scientists, who believe themselves to be on the creative level of Source itself, made themselves believe that they had the sole right to change the very essence and nature of Mother Nature? This Art Peace, is dedicated to Mother Sight, and the Soul-wired instincts Mother Nature bound within our motherly bodies.
2015 Soul of a Tree Made in Germany Ceramics  Height: 44cm 450
Daily, I read about political so-called advancements/changes towards (industrial) sustainability… Sadly, I do not read about a single politician/“leader“, who stands for the protection of trees, jungles or forests… Destroying forests for the sake of mining for e-car components is still a priority… The secrets to healing and spiritual culture that are being destroyed, is one of the worst crimes ever commited,  and we are not even aware of it! I recommend those who are interested in genuine ecology, to start following the lectures of this inspirational Mind:
2019 Queen of the Night Made in Germany Ceramics  Height: 22,5cm Breadth: 21cm 120
2021 Tree of Life II Made in Germany Acrylic on Canvas board Height: 70cm Breadth: 100cm 1200 €
On exhibition at the Afrikan Heart Exhibition Neureut Milchhäusle, January 2022
2015 Queen of Heaven Made in Germany Ceramics & Wood Height: 42cm 500 €
Exhibited at the  Afrikan Heart Exhibition Neureut Milchhäusle,  January 2022