The Red Scarf was inspired by many books, but

greatly enriched by the book UNTOUCHED by

Mariana Caplan.

Maria was a Woman of Flesh & Blood The mother of God was HUman!! It means to me that we all have the potential to grow into GREAT beings in this lifetime! It means to me that we all have great potentail, that we ALL have what it takes to advance on the path to Love and Universal understanding. …but think a little further.. think of what you, as a woman, can give the child you are bearing in your body! I am convinced, that the manner in HOW you LOVE your parents, your Family-Love-Culture, becomes the Culture in which you are connected to Source/God. If it is a gentle, loving, kind, spiritually sustainable CONSCIOUS culture, you will have an amazing connection to the D I V I N E & Life: IF NOT? You will remain searching for something to  „fill you“ German language has a word for addcition: Sucht. It can also mean „suche“ - search.
What is a Man? The pose is challenging, and yet,  the body is actually very vulnerable. Before I left South Africa, a woman or a child was raped EVERY 28 seconds!! The respect for women worldwide, desperately needs to be redefined… You can judge a „civilisation“, by how it treats its Women, Children & Nature/ Environment. What is YOUR perception of "manliness"? As a Mother of a son, I have asked myself for decades now, is it the „Mother‘s Role“, which needs more consciousness, and support, to set free Men of Virtue into the world…? I have come to the conclusion, that a chauvinist is an extremely lonely creature! I would hate for our son to be lonely… I have been seeking for the legend of the Sacred Masculine for a while now. We are bound by Mother Nature herself, to be together Men and Women need each other! Despite the ambitious plans some scientists have to have men bear children from their bodies… There seems to be a sad world ahead, if we don‘t realize that each of us needs to fulfill a sacred space and role in each others lives. Nature planned it that the line of a male which abuses/traumatises its young, (because the DNA gets damaged,) eventually dies off. In all our technology and advancements, why is this not taught in schools?
ALL Women are made the SAME way... They are, aren't they? When I painted this in 2000, I had no idea that we would be approaching times, where defining a woman, would not be based on scientific genetics… I wanted to unify Women, to remind them that we are all HUman, Sisters, Mothers, Daughters, Aunts, Nieces - all made the same way by Mother Nature. How could I have possibly thought that politics could/would be so confusing…? I have shared many thoughts on these debates in my library of this painting in Telegram. To see more of the Exhibition, please go to:
Think of Shame The girl trusts her „uncle...“   He is as old as her Mother… Her Father is in a condition of rage and depression, fighting off the ghosts from his childhood. He is incapable of being there for his daughter! The girl is 13. She needs a gentle ear, a masculine figure, who will gladly listen to her, make her smile, even laugh… but she does not know, that his „warmth“ is sick, and basically just „bait“! He lives in in his own sad, selfish, fantasy filled, lonely cocoon… Perhaps, he himself is still only 14? He sees her as a woman… His ego refuses to ackowledge her young age, let alone, respect or her Sacred Trust she blindly places in him… After the abuse of Faith and temple, she believes it to be her fault How many young girls or boys, go through this? What support system do they have? WHY is it so extremely difficult for them to seek help? Mainstream has chosen to ignore a world famous couple who sold innocent, desperate young girls to famous, rich men. WHAT kind of a „civilisation“ does that make us?
Mother's Body Spiritual Sustainability = 7 generations thinking: The Ancient Principle of Cause and Effect: " We are born of Love; Love is our Mother." Jalal-Din Muhammed Rumi 1207 - 1273 Painting this I thought of how wonderfully M. Caplan described the woman's body, how it needs to be stroked and loved so that it & its spirit can flourish! The Red Scarf in all the paintings: The Red Scarf if a metaphor for our scars… The scarf is sometimes used to hide our feelings, our vulnerabilities, our instincts, our passions, our TRUE NATURE and our Souls, which automatically die when we disregard the wisdom of the human body!
An Ode to the Grand-Mother Our „cultures“ would never have evolved without these amazing individuals! On the right is a link to the translation and deeper meaning, of the painting. I have discovered that hearing & listening to these amazing „translations“, i.e. Life Stories, Inspirations & Memories, my Ode has become so MUCH more! An Ode to the Grand-Mother Germany 2018, Acrylic on Canvas , App. 98 x 128cm 7000 
An Ode to GrandMother Earth What would we be without her…? We have lost so MUCH touch with her, and ourselves… An Ode to GrandMother Earth Germany 2018, Acrylic on Canvas  App. 98 x 128cm 7000 
Sacred Grail The symbol of the skull… The symbols of the sacred energies The Apple for Consciousness Leaves for shame Ancient fruits The Rose of Sharon The wildness of Nature The Sacredness of Trees and the crucifixion of Nature
25. & 26. SEPTEMBER 2021,  30(+1) JAHRE Kunstraum Neureut  Mitgliederausstellung Lammsaal Neureut,  Neureuter Hauptstraße 145    76149 Karlsruhe
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The Red Scarf

The question is - what are we becoming? 

Where is our society leading us to? 

Maria was a woman of Flesh & Blood, is an ode to what we have as potential - what lies truly in our souls… when raised by loving parents (!) I do not believe that the average human being is created to be violent or anti-social. I believe that our society moulds the "monster". Our whole system no longer not aims for sustainaible social integration. When we read a book like Jean Liedloff's CONTINUUM CONCEPT, we can see the difference between typical Western society, and the way God meant for us to live in harmony. I have seen and experienced several kinds of abuse such as sexism, racism, family violence, substance abuse, etc, and after studying various stituations, I think and feel, that the problem stems from one major source - the lack of society to respect the individual and its desperate need for a strong loving, bonding family system - this ancient system, we call uBuntu in Afrika. The problems will get worse, if we do not stop and listen to our needs for uBuntu love. The strong need for genuine love, most people try and substitute with materialism, alcoholism and abuse towards others. We need a society, which values life, realizes its greatness, and actually tries to do something as a joint venture, to obtain spiritual sustainability! Starting with "love schools", there are many, many Souls who need to realize that love is the only answer  . . so many Souls do not love themselves, and are thus unable to appreciate the value of their essence! The Red Scar(f) is symbolic of the warning colour red . . . but the word SCAR if also so beautifully hidden in it… All is an Illusion, and we are disillusioned in our way of Life, yet, only fractions away of realising what lies behind the Veil… It is obvious that we are moving into dangerous times now - the less we love ourselves, the more loveless our society will become. It is time for a Sustainable Family culture! It is time for uBuntu to become more Conscious! uBuntu means, I am because you are.
1998 Maria was a Woman of Flesh & Blood 1998 Australia, Renovated in Germany 2017 Acrylic on Canvas, App. 110 x 137cm 7000 
Mother's Body Germany 1999, Renovated 2017 Acrylic on Canvas App. 90 x 135cm 7500 
Exhibited at the Afrikan Heart Exhibition Neureut Milchhäusle,  January 2022
Heart sees The Ripening Heart sees The Ripening… is an Ode to the evolvement of THE RIPENING… When BOTH Minds & Bodies, reach a ripeness for a healthy, sustainable Relationship… The importance of Self-Love…
What is a Man? Germany 1999, Acrylic on Canvas App. 90 x 140cm 5800 €
Heart sees The Ripening Germany 1999, Renovated 2017 Acrylic on Canvas App. 105 x 120cm 6000 €
To see more of the  Exhibition, please go to:
ALL Women are made the SAME way... South Africa & Germany 2000 Renovated 2017 Acrylic on Canvas , App. 95 x 100cm 6000 
Think of Shame 2000 South Africa & Germany, Acrylic on Canvas, App.: 47 x 90cm 2700 
Trauma 1999-2000 Germany, Brabed wire, clay, gipsom, wood 400 €
Trauma I deliberately placed the sharp and painful sculpture beside the TREE OF LIFE - the Mind. The Mind is a sacred place. I believe it to be the most important asset that any HUman Being has! The Mind can be your Prison or your Paradise… In the ancient cosmic teachings of Thoth, it is believed to be the first and most crucial cosmic Principle: All is Mind. And yet, it is not considered to have a conscious value by most… it is mostly taken for granted! Our Mother taught us that we should consider our Mind to be a pristine, white carpet: You would not let anyone come in and (dumb/)dump waste all over it? And yet that is what we do! Trauma: The girl trusts her „uncle...“ Trauma is not always visible from the outside. This is how I feel it looks like from the inside. I grew up with many people who had some or other kind of trauma… it was not always visible. The emotional damage and dumbing of Mind through trauma is seldom considered or reflected upon… it can also be used as a weapon…! (and has been for centuries!) One of the most phenomenal Minds I explored who was able to bring across the potent meaning of trauma, to be able to understand it or heal trauma, is Dr Bessel Van Der Kolk.
Sacred Grail Germany 2021 Oil on old wood boards, App. 80 x 134cm 3000 
2016 Art Peace The Ancestors - Family is ONE Body Germany 2016 Ceramic, App. 39cm 500
2016 Art Peace The Ancestors - Family is ONE Body
Bomb Boy Germany 2015 Ceramic App. 25cm 400 
Sacred Grail The symbol of the skull… The symbols of the sacred energies The Apple for Consciousness Leaves for shame Ancient fruits The Rose of Sharon The wildness of Nature The Sacredness of Trees and the crucifixion of Nature
The Goddess Germany 2021 Acrylic on Canvas  App. 80 x 129cm 3000 €
The Goddess Years ago I remember reading a Bruce Chatwin book where he described the ancient Patagonian civilisation and how they would throw flowers on the path of pregnant women… It has taken me many years of reflection and personal experiences as well as deep listening and observation to comprehend and understand the undeniable value of those authentically sustainable gestures! 7 Generation Thinking Feeling Actions/Gestures
"Science suggests the next step of human evolution will be marked by awareness that we are all interdependent cells within the super-organism called humanty." Dr Bruce Lipton & Steve Bhaerman
I had no idea what I was forming when I made this sculpture. My brain wave was in alpha. When I finally returned to beta brain wave, I was confused by what I had formed. There was no message of love or divinity before me, and it reminded me of Phan Thi Phúc (the girl burned by napalm who ran down the road in Vietnam in June1972…) I asked the source from whence it came to give me a name: „Bomb Boy“ was the answer. A few years later, I was telling someone about it. A week before, he had read up on the name of the first atomic bomb, Little Boy… How extremely sad and perverse, to name an abomination after a blessing! "War is an Economy!“ A quote from the movie War Dogs Never waste a good enemy…
uBuntu Angel Germany 2006 Ceramic App. 25cm 350 €
uBuntu Angel uBuntu means: I am because you are An authnethic and sustainable culture… No politics necessary. Inspired by the Egyptian goddess Ma'at,  who was an embodiment of the standards of order, morality, and balance, which were of utmost importance to the structure and functioning of Egyptian society…
7th Hermetical Principle Germany 2021 Acrylic on Canvas 45 x 125cm & 45 x 125cm  Work in progress…